byltbox™ Building & Structure Server Panel

xD™  byltbox™ - Building & Structure

Buildings, Multi-Family, Hotels, And Other Physical Structures

byltbox™ is for physical asset management and integration to the bylt digital twin ecosystem and zero trust operating system. It is also used for decentralized on premise only operation or hybrid. byltbox™ is built for now and the future.

Although not a required system component it provides an on-site black box designed for disaster recovery and or daily management or autonomous operation for the physical structure or asset. It provides an additional designed layer solution provided to the owner or management company that offers the client a way to eliminate and upgrade backend outdated solutions in use.

Designed to be tied to a structures grid or off grid system byltbox™ serves as a node and internal record that integrates with your own systems as well as with the bylt operating fabric that includes features such as access control, service management and deliveries, architect or design access to models, product ordering and refilling, building structural component identification - product recalls and specifications - and lifesycle management in addition it allows for preventitive warnings, weather, geo-political, and geolocical alerts and levels geospatially.

If you assign your asset to public it will be a hosted digital twin model on the bylt geospatial connected fabric and have a viewable layer but not enterable without access control.

Factories, Plants, Lines & Industrial Buildings

For factory and industrial clients the byltbox™ is specified to client requirements. One assembly can suffice for most buildings but manufcturing plants or divisions are recommended to carry a seperate byltbox™ for line control and product management and upload.




4-6 Weeks

$3,100.00 - 12,900.00

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