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bylt™ has no investors currently and has not raised capital. It has been a bylt™ policy to refrain from capital investment or partnerships during foundational technology construction and organizational structure, charter and policy writing where ever possible. In order to function with the best outcome a bylt™ moratorium of investment and partnership was enacted to refrain from influence, privacy and tracking, preferred formats, technology, political interference and foundational structure that may not be in the best interests of our users, affiliates and organizational culture.

Moratorium Of Investment & Capital Raise

Moratorium Of Investment & Capital Raise will be allowed but not guaranteed anytime after September 1, 2022. It is a bylt™ investors policy to also allow equal investor opportunity within law to equal and balanced to both institutional and private retail users during each raise or valuation.

Other Investor Considerations

Policy & Culture

bylt™ has a unique policy and structure. Investors should know there is Stakeholders within the bylt™ organizational structure where industry authorities are nominated, voted, enrolled or otherwise elected as representatives to that specific industry vertical. These stakeholders have balance voting and change rights within their respected industry. These votes are equal to unless otherwise noted in the charted to be balanced equally with procedures. Voting rights, for example, within "Stakeholders" pertain to possible changes to data entry points or systematic infrastructure protocols. It could be also related to what information is encrypted, recorded or deleted. An example of this is currently private messaging and calls or omitted from record, and or decryption from or by bylt or 3rd party.


bylt™ does not sell or trade generic "cryptocurrencies" or allow other types of cryptographic currencies on the bylt network or platforms currently. Cryptocurrencies are allowed within the wallet and applications but stay within a layered environment and are for user convenience but bylt does not become a holder or liable. These services for 3rd party cryptocurrencies are not guaranteed or warrantied by bylt™. Currently these 3rd party currencies can not be used to hold currency within the bylt system. Currently these 3rd party currencies can not be used to purchase products or be held in escrow. Currency currently is a serialized tokenised cryptographic digital twin of the United States dollar and correlated directly from the users issued FDIC insured bank account. Within this system users can distribute as that user sees fit out of the system, pos terminals, wave terminals and fences and or bylt fused products or assets directly. You can learn more about transactional business fee in our banking services section here.

Data Rights & Privacy

bylt™ empowers data rights and revenue to its stakeholders. When a user or stakeholder allows the conveyance of this data revenue is shared to bylt stakeholders and used for the better good of environment, technology advancement or other approved stakeholder empowerment. Stakeholders also have rights within bylt products and services that allow changes to said charters depending on the organizational charter with that vertical.

Charitable & Public Service Stakeholders

bylt™ has empowered as percentage part of it's ownership to be set aside as a balanced and reserved percentage of ownership for charitable and public service entities in the form of trust charitable contribution.


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