A New Era. A New Way To Learn, Work & Play

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bylt™ SOS™ is a Modular Social Operating System & Economic Infrastructure built and designed from the ground up using self communicating chained interplanatary decentralized hybrid intranets and nodes.

Staying modular, self expanding, and self healing bylt™ SOS™ does not depend on encyryption, cryptography or mining.

Designed to eliminate IT costs, networking and switchgear and provide a verified zero trust interchangable user centric operation. bylt™ plug and play technology also puts meta and data in the users hands while providing data revenue streams to users from agreed brokered data, cost data, and market data etc.

Users can track, verify, own and move its aggregated skill sets throughout their careers, companies or gigs. Assets, services and products share similar features and analytics allowing for inventory tracking, sourcing, hiring, on-demand, specifying, recalls, alerts and updates.

Switch from industry sector dashboards in realtime to gain sector insights, tiles and layers, news, media and events to network, learn, hire, work, manage, invest, buy or sell. Use real time collaborative apps with universal transactional geospatial fuse points, managed or hosted digital twins and meta data.

Get a SOS™ Passport™, build a profile, invite your employees if you have them, add your portfolios, streams or podcasts, assets or inventory and learn more about features like xD™ immersive interactive augmented streams.

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