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We help people, employees, assets, companies and premium brands & products achieve their future through innovation.

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Come grow. Get found. Get Connected. Join one of the free interfaces or vertical apps that best fits you, or, build your own with our open api & sdk. Are you a device manufacturer or SAAS? Contact us to co-brand and integrate.

Passport™ & SOS™

A New Economy - A New Infrastructure

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It's a new world. Bylt's SOS™ (social operating system) creates a aggregated interactive digital twin of people, companies, products and software; or, just about any asset. Bylt™ calls this Passport™ and is your interface and or api into the Bylt geospatial economy and community. People over 14 are eligible for working or learning through the Bylt platforms, members and partners.

Bylt handles the IT, immutability, tracking and record for you or your assets through our partner apps or your own apps on the Bylt network platform. No matter the person, government or industry. The first to construct a holistic and automated real time interface and infrastructure to streamline and value engineer through innovated and automated technology to source, search, secure, onboard, handle access control, manage & delegate, supply chains, or convey business processes and transactions.

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bylt™ brings it all together. Start you our your companies journey with us. From career aggregation to complete data control, access control, and ownership. bylt™ creates things with high engagement and high productivity found no where else. No matter who you are, what product or vertical you are in bylt™ gives you the tools you need to create, convey, manage, track, record and control it with autonomous aggregation geospatially.


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bylt uses auto aggregated qualifications and models tokenism for people, products, companies and more. Finding, searching, transacting and more through real-time systems geospatialy.


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